About Us

Empowering Lives, Embracing Abilities: The Insurance Disability, Ability, and Wellbeing Network

About Us

iDAWN stands for Insurance Disability, Ability and Wellbeing Network.

We are a volunteer led network that promotes inclusivity within the industry across the UK. Our goal is to promote disability & wellbeing awareness, drive engagement within the insurance industry, help the sector employ the best and brightest people and help people thrive in the insurance industry by promoting a culture of inclusion.

Our mission is to:


We work with charities/organisations to address the stigmas and also discuss the various facets of disability and mental health. We bring in the experts to talk about specific topics.


We host events with charities or other networks to promote inclusion and to help level the playing field. These events may include talks but the aim is to network, join the discussions and share ideas


We provide guidance where we can or sign post other organisations to bring about change. These may cover items such as corporate policies.

Inclusion@Lloyd’s Partner Network
Inclusion@Lloyd’s Partner Network initiative supports cross-market networks within the insurance market that focus on specific diversity and inclusion needs. Inclusion@Lloyd’s brings the Partner Networks together, promoting collaboration and connections across the insurance sector.

Partner Networks will help develop initiatives, host events, and share best practice guidance for D&I within and beyond the London Market, across the UK and internationally.